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Cleanup of the work site was very well done. Install of 2 shower/tub. Showed up as expected, job completed in a timely fashion. Cleanup of the work site was very well done.

Russel Robert (Round Rock, TX)

Tim was outstanding and very professional! He repaired a troublesome leaky faucet that two other plumbers with over 30 years experience apiece couldn't repair. It was very difficult to remove it, to say the least. Then, special parts had to be ordered for it to fit just right and not leak again. I highly recommend this company, particularly Tim, the plumber on this job.

Corey Schmidt (Austin, TX)

It went very well. He came while I was at work. He called to let me know he was on his way. A friend let him in and he was flushing the water heater when I got home. He gave me a couple of estimates on other things. I will call again.

Brenda Byers (Austin, TX)

I originally asked for the inspection of my pipes, but I needed so much more. I ended up getting a kitchen faucet installed, my water heater serviced, and my washing machine connections replaced. The gentleman was very polite and prompt. He gave me all my options and did a great job.

Richard Gold (Austin, TX)

Replaced the new faucet and installed a new valve below the sink. This was requested service and Excalibur were prompt in both their initial conversation and arriving for the repair service (which was next-day). While they were on-site, they also identified the primary water shut-off valve, replaced faucet bibs on two outdoor faucets (unscheduled service), and provided estimates for toilet rebuilds from current, older ball valve systems as well as re-routing a gas line for our hot tub. Their plumber spent as much time as I needed for the scheduled service, as well as answering any questions I had and performing additional maintenance we needed. Great job!

Joshua Bullock (Cedar Park, TX)

Excalibur Plumbing was able to send a plumber out the day I called and repair the line in less than an hour.

Carl Seagarn (TX)

They were able to come out 48 hours after I called them. It took them less than an hour since they had to replace it. I appreciated that they gave me a price of 2 different kinds of disposals that they could install, over the phone.

Diane Shaktman (Buda, TX)

Remove and install a new water heater. Excellent.

Richard L Otto (Leander, TX)

Resolved leaking shower head issue by replacing stem valve seals. Thomas was on time and get right to work. He was able to see the problems with the original work almost right away. Upon finding the problem he was able to resolve the problem right away.

Aakash Chopra (Austin, TX)

Water leak and re-route. Excellent job. Knows what he designed and that gave us confidence was able to minimize holes.

Nick Harris (Austin, TX)

Clear blockage in the sink, cleared drain to the street. Great, on time, finish great, did everything expected.

Rory McClane (Austin, TX)

Install a shower arm and rain shower head in a guest bathroom. Very well; quick and efficient! Clayton did a great job!!

Cheryl Howard (Austin, TX)

Install of LD BBQ grill Very good - knowledgeable - friendly.

Adrian Lopez (Georgetown, TX)

Our water heater went out two days before Christmas. The serviceman came out the next day to do an estimate only (at my request) and after discussing the options, I decided to just replace the tank water heater with a similar model. He had a suitable model on the truck, and despite it being Christmas Eve he agreed to install it immediately even though it wasn't scheduled. He was quick and courteous. I didn't price shop given the situation but it seemed in line with other reviews. I will definitely call them for future plumbing issues.

Chris Durand (Austin, TX)

We used Excalibur Plumbing. They replaced some water pressure regulators. They lost my appointment initially. The guy that came was very nice and informative and did a good job. We are using them again. The price was fine.

Cindy Bornhurst (Austin, TX)

They have excellent service, they got someone out as soon as they could. I have no complaints about them. I had some leaky faucets on my washing machine and they replaced them.

Carol Prescott (Austin, TX)

Some pipes crossing over fixed. Installed dryer sediment trap. Dishwasher drain. All went well. Very quick and friendly service at a good price. Only note: it took a while for the company to get a city inspector out here but suspect that was from some uncontrolled delays.

Ben Douglas (Austin, TX)

The city had brought in a backhoe and done repairs. However, I had several versions from the teams of what needed to be done. Given there had been numerous problems on my street, I wanted someone to double-check to be sure that there would be no problems in the immediate future on my part of the line and that the city had completed what was needed on the city portion. Excalibur scheduled an appointment quickly, was pleasant and professional when they arrived, scoped the line and reported back to me.

Pam Robers (Austin, TX)

Tub drain, replace drain pipe, Clear out slab around the drain. Exceptional work in challenging space. Great with the dog into a fence. Thank you.

Susan Shelton (Austin, TX)

They drained my tankless water heater. I was impressed by their professionalism - arriving on time, professional clothing (as opposed to a tank top and flip flops which I have seen for workmen doing the same job) and a reasonable price (I'd paid nearly double this same job with another company). I would definitely use them again and recommend them to others.

Melanie Lewis (Austin, TX)

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