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Blog Posts in February, 2015

  • Maximizing the Life of Your Garbage Disposal

    If you’re like most people, not only do you spend a decent amount of time in the kitchen cooking, preparing, and cleaning up after meals, but you surely appreciate a garbage disposal that is in excellent working order. If you’ve ever had a garbage disposal clog, you get this one. When you are rinsing off dishes and flip the switch for your garbage disposal, instead of the food remnants being ...
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  • Dealing with Water Damage

    When you experience flooding or leaks in your home, it could leave you with frustrating water damage that can significantly effect the look of certain areas of your home. Not only can it effect your home's appearence, it could also build mold that could cause harm to you and your family’s health. There are some ways of dealing with water damage and preventing further water damage from occurring. ...
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  • Need to Replace your Shut Off Valve?

    It’s a common occurrence when shut off valves wear down and stop working efficiently.When you discover leaks with your washer, sink, or toilets, that might indicate that it’s time to replace your shut off valve. The following signs may signal when it is time to replace your shut off valve: Leaking Difficulty turning handle Nothing happens when you turn the handle How Do I Replace a Shut Off Valve? ...
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  • Steps to Take in a Plumbing Emergency

    Plumbing emergencies are something that we rarely think will happen to us, but when they do it becomes immediately apparent that we must do something…and fast! What do you do if your kitchen faucet breaks and water is spraying all over your kitchen, or if your toilet is quickly filling up with water after you flush it? Head Straight for the Water Shutoff Valve As a homeowner, the most important ...
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  • Warning Signs of a Clogged Drain

    In many cases, you don't think about the pipes and drains in your home until something goes wrong. You may notice that water is not leaving the shower as quickly as it used to, or hear gurgling coming from the toilet after you flush. Considering the vital role that most drains play in your home, paying attention to your pipes and drains can mean the difference between a quick fix and an expensive ...
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