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Blog Posts in January, 2015

  • Water Conservation Tips for Your Home

    Saving water serves a dual purpose: not only does it save you expenses, but it also reduces the amount of water being used from the environment. Texans recognize the value of water in our state, and seeking to best conserve water places more dollars in our pockets while protecting the land we know and love. Quick Tips for Home Water Conservation Water conservation does not need to be difficult. By ...
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  • The Dangers of Hiring a "Cheap Plumber"

    For today's consumers, saving a few bucks is a big deal. The cheaper you can get something done, the better, right? While this may be true in some scenarios, it doesn't always pan out so well for others. Plumbing is one area that is most often best left to the experts. So before you hand over the reins to that unlicensed plumber you found online, read on to learn why doing so can put your home and ...
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  • Replacing Shut-Off Valves

    Shutoff valves are used in order to stop a water supply to something like a sink or a toilet. While these are rarely used, you may not realize that they don't work until after you try to shut them off. When you discover that you need a new shutoff valve, you will need to know what kind of valve you need and how to install it. Can I Replace a Shut-Off Valve Myself? There are three types of shutoff ...
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