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Blog Posts in January, 2016

  • What Not to Put Down the Garbage Disposal

    Garbage disposal units are wonderful, they make washing dirty dishes and tidying up the kitchen convenient. Beyond that, they are good for the environment. You may not have realized it, but garbage disposals use very little water, and they reduce the food waste that travels to our nation’s landfills, which produces methane gas. Once you grind up food in the disposal, the scraps move much easier ...
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  • Don't Underestimate the Power of the Plunger!

    It’s one of the most common but not often talked about household tools…the plunger. Where’s yours? Is it in the garage, the basement, or tucked away in the laundry room? If you think you own one but you have yet to use it, you likely have one of those newer toilets, which are great because they are less prone to clogging. Then again, if you happen to have toddlers, a big family or a kid that ...
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