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Why Does Flushing the Toilet Affect the Shower?

Why Does Flushing the Toilet Affect the Shower?

If you’re reading this, it’s probably happened to you. You’re happily taking a shower, minding your own business and then somebody in the house flushes the toilet. Suddenly, your shower water either turns scolding hot or freezing cold – either way the drastic change in water temperature is a shock to your system and it can be quite upsetting.

And when you get out of the shower, still disturbed from the event, you send angry glances to the perpetrator behind the flushing toilet who...should have known better.

What is behind these unpleasant surprises that tend to recur even though the entire household is aware of the issue? Generally, it has to do with inadequate piping and older shower valves. When the piping is installed properly, this doesn’t happen. After all, it does not happen in all homes, especially the newer ones.

If you are having this issue and no matter how many times you’ve asked your family to avoid flushing the toilet while the shower is running, a balancing valve can correct the problem, even if you’re in an older home. You see, balancing valves balance the water pressure, both hot and cold. So, if you’re taking a shower and someone flushes a toilet, the valve will adjust accordingly and the water temperature won’t fluctuate.

Toilets Aren’t the Only Culprit

Guess what? Toilets aren’t the only culprit behind showers that unexpectedly turn scolding hot or freezing cold. If you don’t have a pressure balance valve, your shower can suddenly get ice cold or burning hot whenever someone else in the house uses a water fixture, such as the dishwasher or washing machine.

If you have a shower valve that is not pressure balanced, it can be dangerous, especially if you have young children and the water turns scalding hot. While most new homes are equipped with them, if you’re living in an older condo or home, you may need to install a new shower valve to ensure these drastic temperature changes cease for good.

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