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  • Plumbers' Secrets Revealed

    Indoor plumbing is one of the greatest inventions of modern man. It may even be better than Google and the internet. Running water and indoor plumbing allows us to cook, wash dishes and laundry, shower, dispose of waste, and wash our hands. When the plumbing is working seamlessly, we don’t think anything of it. But when it doesn’t, we panic instantly. It’s no wonder why plumbers are in high ...
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  • Plumbing: To Do or Not to Do Yourself?

    Do you enjoy home renovation shows like Fixer Upper , Property Brothers , Love It or List It , and Flip or Flop ? We have to admit; these home renovation shows can be addicting. And between renovation shows and YouTube, homeowners can feel like they can fix anything. But the truth of the matter is – some projects should be handled by a pro. With so many amazing home renovation shows stunning ...
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  • Should I Fix the Plumbing Myself?

    When it comes to household maintenance, some things you can safely do yourself and some things you can do yourself or hire a professional. But then there are projects that definitely need a professional’s expertise . For instance, you can mow your own lawn or you can hire a gardener. While you can retile your bathroom floor, you probably won’t be replacing your roof by yourself. Homeowners are ...
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  • Dealing with Water Damage

    When you experience flooding or leaks in your home, it could leave you with frustrating water damage that can significantly effect the look of certain areas of your home. Not only can it effect your home's appearence, it could also build mold that could cause harm to you and your family’s health. There are some ways of dealing with water damage and preventing further water damage from occurring. ...
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  • Need to Replace your Shut Off Valve?

    It’s a common occurrence when shut off valves wear down and stop working efficiently.When you discover leaks with your washer, sink, or toilets, that might indicate that it’s time to replace your shut off valve. The following signs may signal when it is time to replace your shut off valve: Leaking Difficulty turning handle Nothing happens when you turn the handle How Do I Replace a Shut Off Valve? ...
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  • The Dangers of Hiring a "Cheap Plumber"

    For today's consumers, saving a few bucks is a big deal. The cheaper you can get something done, the better, right? While this may be true in some scenarios, it doesn't always pan out so well for others. Plumbing is one area that is most often best left to the experts. So before you hand over the reins to that unlicensed plumber you found online, read on to learn why doing so can put your home and ...
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