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  • Cleaning Out Your Sump Pump

    If you have a basement in your home and you happen to live in an area with a high-ground water level, there’s a good chance that you have a sump pump in your basement. Sump pumps are handy devices that remove water from basements to prevent flooding and costly damage. If your basement has been renovated into a home gym, a “man cave,” or a family room where the whole family can watch television, ...
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  • 5 Tips On How to Drain Water When the Sump Pump Fails

    Sump pumps are critical since they remove the unwanted water that accumulates in the basements of most homes outside of earthquake country. If the sump pump breaks and water backs up, you need to find a plumbing solution and fast. You cannot drain sump water into the municipal sewer system, so you have to drain it outside of your home. Keep in mind that the longer water sits, the more damage it ...
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  • How to Clean a Sump Pump

    At Excalibur Plumbing , we know that Sump pumps are installed in houses as a kind of insurance policy, meant to take care of the home in the event that the surrounding area floods. Sump pumps are generally installed in homes located near high water tables, poorly draining soils, areas with heavy rain, or in homes with poor foundation drains or basement wall construction. No matter what the reason, ...
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