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Our Water Heater Brands

We realize that you have various choices when you decide to purchase a brand new hot water heater. For this reason, Excalibur Plumbing has various types of brands that you can buy and install. We have every type of water heater you can possibly find, including the best warranties, features, and prices. You can also find an excellent tankless water heater. The sky is the limit!

Compare Brands With The Help Of Our Experienced Plumbing Team

Go ahead, compare our brands. We have already performed all of the research for you, and our website features a water heater list that features all of the water heaters that are available for purchase in your neighborhood. You can view the various brands we carry in order to assist you in making the right decision.

brandford white water heater logo

Bradford White is one of America’s largest and oldest water heater manufacturers.

  • Lowest Price
  • Good Rating
  • Standard Warranty

Rheem logo

Rheem is the industry leader for total water heating solutions.

  • Best Values
  • Best Rating
  • Longest Warranty

A.O. Smith logo

A.O. Smith manufactures water heaters with one of the best energy ratings.

  • Average Price
  • Good Rating
  • Highest Efficiency
  • Standard Warranty

rinnai Logo

Rinnai Tankless is one of the hottest items for home improvement on the market right now.

  • Greenest Rating
  • On-Demand Hot Water
  • Call for Pricing

Navien logo

Navien creates the most comfortable living environment possible for customers around the world.

eternal logo

Eternal Hybrid supplies endless hot water and consistent pressure. When installed in optional recirculation, you’ll save water by never waiting for hot water again. Backed by industry’s best 20 years residential and 10-year commercial Heat Exchanger warranty.

Schedule an Appointment With Us

One of our expert staff members will install your water heater without any further delays. You can schedule an appointment with us that fits your busy schedule. We guarantee to provide you with the perfect installation of your next water heater.

Call the professional plumbers at Excalibur Plumbing now to make an appointment. You will reach a knowledgeable representative when you call 512-259-7222.

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