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Once most people transition from renter to homeowner, they get a crash course in what it’s like to be financially responsible for a home’s maintenance and repairs. Suddenly, they have to think about things they never thought much about before like gardening, sprinklers, roofing, siding, carpeting, electricity, and plumbing.

Whether you’re a brand-new homeowner, or if you’ve owned a home for many years, the following tips should help you solve some plumbing problems without the need to call a professional plumber:

1. “There Is a Strange Color Around My Bathroom Fixtures.”

If you see a pink or orange discoloration around your bathroom fixtures, this is usually an indication of too much iron in the home’s water supply. In this situation, water softener can do wonders. An experienced plumber from Excalibur Plumbing can ensure that a water softener is professionally installed.

2. “I Bought a Cheap Shower Head.”

We all love to save money, who doesn’t? However, a showerhead is one place that you don’t want to cut corners. If you bought a cheap showerhead, you’ll want to replace it with a high-quality version. People think it’s okay to spend a fraction of the price on a cheaper shower head, but almost always it leads to premature failure and you have to go out and replace it before you should.

3. “There’s Gunk on My Toilet Flapper.”

When toilet flappers collect excess mineral deposits, or when a flapper is damaged for some reason, it can cause the water in the toilet to run constantly – this leads to a higher water bill. To fix this issue, either clean the flapper seal until the mineral deposits are gone or simply replace the old flapper with a new one.

4. “My Dishwasher Is Leaking.”

Is water leaking from your dishwasher’s drain line? While this is annoying, the good news is that it should be easy to fix. It’s possible that the drain hose that connects to the main sink drain through the kitchen cabinet may not have been installed correctly. If the drain hose was installed right, it will be hanging upwards and then down into the sink drain, so the water won’t stand in the drain line. If it’s not hanging up and then back down, this needs to be corrected.

If you’re looking for a plumber in Round Rock, Cedar Park, or Leander, please contact Excalibur Plumbing at 512-259-7222.