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Indoor plumbing is one of the greatest inventions of modern man. It may even be better than Google and the internet. Running water and indoor plumbing allows us to cook, wash dishes and laundry, shower, dispose of waste, and wash our hands. When the plumbing is working seamlessly, we don’t think anything of it. But when it doesn’t, we panic instantly.

It’s no wonder why plumbers are in high demand. After all, the skilled pipe whisperers keep our societies civilized and our homes and businesses smelling fresh and clean. In this article, we discuss some of the things you may not know about the plumbing professionals who are sometimes laying underneath your kitchen sink.

1. Toilet Clogs Aren’t Our Worst Enemies

You may think that a backed-up toilet is our worst enemy, but there’s something worse than human waste – it’s restaurant kitchen sinks. Lots of fat gets down the sink and solidifies. Often, there’s no soap to work on it. The stench is thick and many would argue that it’s much worse than raw sewage.

2. We Wish Drain Cleaners Would Be Pulled from Store Shelves

The commercials for over-the-counter harsh drain cleaners are on TV all the time, but they don’t necessarily do a good job. When we get a call that a homeowner got a clog and used a harsh drain cleaner before calling us, we’ll often sigh.

Chemical drain cleaners often don’t work and they only provide a temporary solution. Not only that, but they are highly corrosive and can damage the drain system. If we have to snake a drain, the toxic chemicals can splash all over us. So, please warn us ahead of time if you used a chemical drain cleaner.

3. Most Things Aren’t Actually Flushable

A toilet clog is a headache for sure, but most people don’t realize that they have a clog because they think items are flushable when they aren’t. Some of the most popular causes of toilet clogs include tampons that swell when they’re filled with fluid and “flushable wipes,” which do NOT break down like toilet paper. Truthfully, most plumbers will attest that flushable wipes have been good for the drain cleaning business.

4. We Know Good Food

And not just the kind not to put down the garbage disposal. When you’re looking for some new places to eat, ask a local service plumber. We tend to know the best restaurants to dine in town. We get out a lot, so we like to use our lunch hour to explore the local cuisine.