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Do you enjoy home renovation shows like Fixer Upper, Property Brothers, Love It or List It, and Flip or Flop? We have to admit; these home renovation shows can be addicting. And between renovation shows and YouTube, homeowners can feel like they can fix anything. But the truth of the matter is – some projects should be handled by a pro.

With so many amazing home renovation shows stunning viewers, it’s easy to be bitten by the DIY bug. What some viewers fail to realize is that like any old pro, the stars of the shows make their jobs look easy. What we don’t see is the thousands of hours these stars have spent perfecting their craft.

In hopes of saving a few bucks, some of the most unhandy homeowners are heading to Home Depot or Lowes to buy tools. They’re rolling up their sleeves and pressing play on the YouTube videos. Sometimes, wielding a hammer can be empowering, but there are some home repairs that the everyday homeowner should never do themselves.

While there are some minor plumbing jobs you can tackle yourself, we do not recommend taking on a complicated project because it can waste your time and money. In the end, you can do more harm than good and have to call in a professional plumber anyway. If you are able to do the project yourself and the repair work is faulty, you could end up spending even more money when your workmanship fails prematurely.

When you fail to hire a pro from the beginning, it can backfire on you. Your home may not be up to code, and someone can even be injured as a result of the faulty workmanship. At the least, you may need to have to work redone by a pro – another added expense.

Leave the Plumbing to a Professional

Who hasn’t ignored a leaky faucet for months in an effort to avoid paying a plumber? Plunging a clogged toilet or cleaning out a clogged bathroom sink drain with a Zip-It tool may be doable, but anything more complicated falls into the DIY project that should NOT be undertaken by a homeowner. Instead of trying to take the toilet apart, or unscrewing the hardware in your shower yourself, you should call a plumber.

While a faulty plumbing repair won’t put your life in danger like a botched electrical job, it can cost you a fortune. What started as a minor plumbing annoyance can quickly turn into a disastrous flood in your home, and it can cost you thousands. If the plumbing problem involves hot water pipes or the sewage system, you want a professional to handle it.

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