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ducks in the toilet

As professional plumbers, we’ve seen and heard it all. We’ve had parents call us because their toddler flushed a toy car down the toilet and now it’s clogged. We’ve found toothbrushes, Q-tips, cat litter, diaper wipes, and all sorts of unflushables to be the culprit behind a clogged toilet, but we’re not alone. All plumbers see similar things.

If you think grease, soap scum and hair are gross, not all things that clog toilets and plumbing pipes are the least bit disgusting. In fact, some of the causes of a stubborn clog are something quite unexpected, something a bit funny, something cute, or something that’s a little heartwarming.

Plumbers’ Shocking Discoveries

When it comes to odds and sods discovered by plumbers, every month it seems there is a new or even shocking discovery. From tiny liquor bottles at office buildings to goldfish at homes with children to dentures, wedding rings, and everything in between – there are always going to be new discoveries for plumbers.

Here are just some of the strange things discovered in plumbing pipes:

  • A kitten was once trapped in an underground pipe and rescued by a plumber.
  • Many sets of dentures have caused toilet stoppages.
  • Underground storm drainage pipes can build up huge, thick masses that resemble giant snakes or tree roots from a distance – scary-looking stuff.
  • Countless rings have ended up in plumbing pipes after being dropped down kitchen and bathroom sink drains.
  • Probably millions of small toys have been flushed down toilets by toddlers and preschoolers.
  • Thirsty tree roots can seek out water and find them in leaking plumbing pipes. After such roots find a source of water, they can wreak havoc on plumbing pipes.
  • Sometimes parents tire of their child’s pet and end up flushing it down the toilet. Not only is this sad, but rats, guinea pigs, mice, fish, turtles, and other pets can cause major blockages in plumbing pipes.
  • Smartphones – these get flushed a lot by people who accidentally drop them in toilets. Unlike the toilets in homes, the commercial-grade toilets at office buildings and restaurants can easily flush smartphones down.

Do you have a stubborn drain or toilet clog? Contact Excalibur Plumbing to schedule a service call with one of our professional Cedar Park plumbers.