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Whether your toilet is “too tall” or “too short,” wobbly, or leaky, or has another issue, there may be some valid reasons to upgrade to a newer, more energy-efficient model. Since toilets are reasonably affordable compared to other household appliances and fixtures, it may be worth it for you to replace your home’s old toilet.

Here are the main reasons why people replace their toilets:
  • Comfort: When you shop for a new toilet, you don’t want to buy without considering the comfort factor. Often, toilets are on display at home improvement stores where you can’t reach them, so you need to be extra careful about your purchase. Make sure you don’t buy a toilet that’s too tall or too short because every day you’ll be reminded of the “bad fit.”
  • You’re replacing your bathroom flooring: If you’re planning on redoing your bathroom flooring, it’s the perfect time to replace your toilet. You’ll probably have to remove the toilet anyway during your project, so it’s the ideal time to upgrade to a newer model.
  • Aesthetics: Maybe you painted your bathroom walls dark brown, but your toilet is a bright white. Or, perhaps you still have one of those pink or avocado-colored toilets that date back to the 1970s. If your toilet does not match your bathroom’s color scheme, you may want to consider replacing it with a new unit that actually compliments your décor.
  • Energy-savings: If your toilet is old, it’s probably impacting your monthly water bill. For example, if your toilet was manufactured in the 1970s, your toilet could be using as much as 7 gallons of water with every flush!
  • Water damage from leaks: A leaky toilet is not something to be ignored. If a leak from a water bowl or a tank goes unresolved for too long, it can cause water damage, which can affect the subflooring and flooring. If a leaky toilet is on a second floor, it can actually leak all the way down to the room located directly below the toilet.

Even if you simply have broken components, such as a flush handle or something inside the tank, it’s a good idea to weigh the costs of replacing these components with a new toilet.

Do you think you’re in need of a new toilet? If so, contact an experienced Cedar Park plumber from Excalibur Plumbing for quality, professional installation!