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Roughly 85 percent of America’s households have hard water. With a water softener, homeowners get to experience numerous benefits.

It is estimated that about 85 percent of America’s homes rely on a supply of hard water. “Hard” water means that it contains excess minerals and metals, for example, calcium and iron. While hard water is not considered to be hazardous to your health, it can cause problems with your laundry, dishes and various appliances.

Homeowners turn to water softeners to dilute and remove these excess mineral deposits so they can reap the benefits of softer water.

Cleanup is Easier With Soft Water

Have you ever run your dishwasher only to have your glasses and silverware covered in annoying spots? When this happens, sometimes your only option is to wash them by hand and that can get time-consuming.

You can also worry about the health effects of drinking and eating off of spotted dishes. While it’s not considered dangerous to use spotted dishes, re-cleaning dishes can be very frustrating.

When you wash clothes with hard water, they can end up with streaks and a dingy, faded appearance. But when you wash clothes and dishes with soft water, they’re cleaned more thoroughly, leaving them looking a whole lot better.

Soft water also helps save money by reducing the number of soaps and detergents needed for cleaning, which is especially helpful if you’re using the more expensive brands of clothing detergents. With soft water, you’re leaving less film and stubborn soap scum behind, which makes it easier to maintain showers and bathtubs.

Water Treatment Means Longer Appliance Life

If you’re a stickler for taking care of your household appliances, you’ll love the idea of water treatment.

The minerals inside hard water accumulate in appliances, such as washing machines, water heaters, and dishwashers. In effect, hard water reduces the appliance’s lifespan. But, when you install a water softener, it extends the life of water-using appliances, which is better on your budget and the environment.

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