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Is premium soft bath tissue a staple in your home? If so, it may be nice and fancy, but it may also be the culprit behind your toilet clogs. You see, soft and thick toilet paper may feel like a luxury, but it can wreak havoc on your plumbing system, especially if you have old plumbing pipes.

If you’re like most people, you like to be comfortable and that could mean finding the softest rolls on the store shelf. However, the softest toilet paper may not only be more expensive, but it may lead to more plumbing service calls. Why? Because, the softer, thicker, more expensive stuff doesn’t break down as well as the thinner versions.

If you have an older home with more delicate plumbing, thicker, softer toilet paper can lead to chronic plumbing issues, such as recurring clogs, and worse, raw sewage being spilled onto your bathroom floor. So, what do you do?

Making the Switch to One-Ply

If you have frequent toilet clogs, we suggest making the switch to one-play toilet paper. It may not be as luxurious, but it can save you a lot of plumbing headaches. You see, one-ply toilet paper dissolves better than the two-ply versions. Essentially, the thicker the toilet paper, the harder it is for your plumbing system to flush it through.

Good Housekeeping’s Toilet Paper Reviews

Who doesn’t love Good Housekeeping? We know we do! In this article, they took the guesswork out of toilet paper shopping for readers by conducting its own toilet paper reviews. Good Housekeeping tested popular brands, such as Cottonelle, White Cloud, Seventh Generation, Ecos, and Green Forest to how well they performed on their dissolve tests. To see the results if the tests, click here.

If a comfortable caboose has driven your purchase decisions, you may need to switch to a less-soft and absorbent brand that does the job but keeps the pipes flowing and the emergency calls to a plumber at bay. You may be less pampered, but you could avoid the pesky toilet clogs that have plagued you in the past!