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Saving water serves a dual purpose: not only does it save you expenses, but it also reduces the amount of water being used from the environment. Texans recognize the value of water in our state and seeking to best conserve water places more dollars in our pockets while protecting the land we know and love.

Quick Tips for Home Water Conservation

Water conservation does not need to be difficult. By following a few easy tips, you can reduce the total amount of water your family uses on a daily basis.

Some ways to conserve water is by watching these water-using culprits:
  • Washing machines: Use high-efficiency machines and only wash full loads.
  • Dishwashers: Fill the sink with water instead of running the tap, install an efficient dishwasher and only wash full loads, and avoid thawing foods in running water when preparing meals.
  • Faucets: Install efficient faucets, fix leaky faucets, and turn off the water when brushing teeth or shaving.
  • Showers: Collect the water that comes out before heating up to water plants, replace showerheads, and take shorter showers.
  • Landscaping: Utilize water-wise landscaping principles such as planting native vegetation and watering in the morning.
  • Toilets: Replace toilets and verify that they are working properly.

Replacing appliances with energy-efficient and water-saving machines can make a significant difference in how much water your household uses. These machines are not any less efficient than their water-gulping counterparts, but just involve a little bit of investment and updating.

There are countless ways to reduce the amount of water you use. Many times this involves just paying increased attention to your water input and output.

Water conservation is an essential practice. If you are wondering about more ways to employ water-saving tactics in your home, consult with your Austin plumbing team at Excalibur plumbing! From leak detection and repair to installing water-wise appliances, our team can provide the advice and service you need.