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For today’s consumers, saving a few bucks is a big deal. The cheaper you can get something done, the better, right? While this may be true in some scenarios, it doesn’t always pan out so well for others. Plumbing is one area that is most often best left to the experts. So before you hand over the reins to that unlicensed plumber you found online, read on to learn why doing so can put your home and your finances on the line.

Unlicensed Plumbers Spell Bad News

It happens all the time – a homeowner who’s looking to save a few bucks decides to take a risk and hire a cheap plumber who seems like they know what they’re doing. You certainly save money upfront but a shoddy job translates to more money out of your pocket later on.

Most notably, ‘cheap’ plumbers are often unlicensed and uninsured. Because plumbers are typically required to have both liability and worker’s compensation insurance, going without it means that if something goes wrong, you are the one who will be covering the damage. A plumber who lacks liability insurance is not held accountable if they cause any kind of damage to your home.

Worker’s compensation insurance is especially important if your plumber has employees working alongside them. Without insurance, any injuries to those workers can result in increased rates and unbecoming insurance history.

Beyond the problem of insurance, you should be able to trust that the plumber you choose will get the job done right and in a timely fashion. Will they be able to meet your city’s plumbing codes? Do they have previous experience successfully resolving your plumbing problem? Unlicensed plumbers also have a reputation of fleeing the scene before they finish the job (with your money in hand).

Sure, your home’s plumbing system may seem small in the grand scheme of things. But trusting the wrong person to handle your gas lines, septic system, or water lines can turn it into a much bigger problem than you expected. That is why it is so important to trust the experts!

At Excalibur Plumbing, we’ve been providing top-of-the-line home repairs to Austin residents for over 15 years. Every member of our team is fully licensed and certified and has a deep commitment to the success of your plumbing project.

With affordable rates, emergency services, and happy client testimonials, you never have to wonder about the quality of work you’re getting. Your home deserves the best – treat it right by calling our Austin plumbers today!